Camellia Oil is an additional spectacular player in our ingredient list.

This oil plays an important role in our symphony of ingredients. The organic camellia oil provides an abundance of benefits and adds specialization to our facial , body and remedy creams. We proudly brag about the oils benefits.

Camellia Oil is focused to add moisture and balance to skin along to feeding nutrients directly to the skin as Omega 3 and 6 while hydrating the skin.

Nourishes Your Skin – The first and most notable benefit of Camellia Seed oil is related to its exceptional moisturising properties. This oil is abundant in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, which provide nourishment to your skin, as well as a velvety smooth finish.

Preserves a Youthful Complexion – Another benefit of Camellia Seed oil is that it’s loaded with skin-perfecting nutrients that help to preserve the youthful glow of your skin and combat ageing signs. 

Conditions Your Lashes – It isn’t just your skin that needs looking after — your lashes are just as susceptible to the effects of environmental factors and need just as much TLC. Camellia Seed oil is an excellent lash conditioner, working deep within the follicles to nourish and strengthen them.

Strengthens the Hair – Is your hair falling or looking rather dull and lifeless? If that sounds familiar, then you need to consider adding Camellia Seed oil to your hair care routine—pronto.

Intention in formulation is everything and we feel the addition of this ingredient allows beautiful skin care delivery from an oil that is rich and abundant in providing more skin elasticity and glow and activating a plant based collagen .